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Boudoir is for YOU, Not Your Boyfriend

I know…I know…I’ve said something that’s taken you aback. “But I’m giving this as a gift to my significant other. But I want him/her to pick out the photos they love. But I want this to be the perfect wedding gift!” Boudoir is an amazing gift for someone special, but if you’re biggest motivation for doing a shoot is so your special someone gets a present, we need to talk.

Boudoir is for YOU! It is not for your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or whomever. It is first and foremost for you, and if you gift these photos to someone, they should consider themselves one lucky person. They should feel honored and blessed that their eyes get to behold your gorgeous, confident body.

This photo shoot party is to get you hyped! I want you feeling like a million bucks. We’re boosting your self-esteem, we’re upping your confidence and we’re promoting self-love. We’re not ordering a present. That’s not the main goal, but hey, if your S/O gets something too, then that’s just a double win.

Here’s what happens when we put too much emphasize on making boudoir about a partner. We wear outfits that they like rather than outfits that push us outside our comfort zone or make us feel like babes. We doubt ourselves when choosing the images we love. Rather than say “I love this photo and want it” we start saying “I wonder if so-and-so will like.” And sometimes, in really crappy situations, some significant others aren’t very supportive. Thankfully, none of the babes I’ve shot have run into this, but I’ve heard the horror stories of partners being super dismissive and judgmental when they found out their wife or girlfriend shot boudoir. That’s crushing! That will destroy your self-esteem if boudoir was meant as a gift. If you do this for you, though, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Folks can take their judgmental attitudes and cram them up their a** for all I care. YOU DO YOU, BABE.

Of course boudoir can be one heckuva gift, but this is a gift to you before anyone else. Always keep that in the front of your mind when you’re planning your shoot. Happy planning!

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XOXO, Alicia

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