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How to Find Boudoir Outfits at a Thrift Store

I love thrift store and consignment shop hauls. Shopping second-hand is budget-friendly, better for the environment, and rewarding when you find that one really special piece. Plus, if you shop locally, many thrift stores give back to your community! I don’t recommend buying underwear second-hand (please, please don’t do this), but you can find crop tops, body suits, PJ tops, sheer shirts, robes and more that would work perfectly for boudoir. Here’s what to look for:

Look for Gently Used Items

Not all thrift store finds are going to be winners. While almost everything at a thrift store is gently used, you’ll want to buy pieces that have minimal wear and tear. Avoid stains, rips and holes. Shirts with a lot of pilling are going to look very textured in your photos, so don’t add them to your cart. The newer a piece looks, the better.

Buy Pieces You’re Cool with Destroying

Since so many items at thrift stores are inexpensive, you won’t care if you destroy it. Look for tee shirts you want to rip open or tights you can cut up. If you want to incorporate a sporty look, look for a tee shirt featuring your favorite team that you can cut into a crop top.

Shop the Whole Store, Not Just the “Intimates” Section

You might have an idea of where you’re supposed to shop in a thrift store for boudoir outfits, but don’t forget about the rest of the store! You might find an amazing oversized sweater or boho knitted vest in the clothing section. Maybe there’s a campy, rhinestone necklace in the jewelry section. Last year, I was in Plato’s Closet, and they had a “Festival” section. I hit the jackpot with that section! I found body suits and all sorts of sparkly things. Scour the whole store for boudoir pieces.

Bonus: Does It Still Have Its Original Tags?

If you find a piece with tags still on it, that’s even better! The only time you can get away with buying swimsuit bottoms or underwear at a thrift store or consignment shop is if the tags are still on or it’s unopened in its original packaging. On the online thrift store, Thred Up, they’ll tell you if a swimsuit bottom is brand new with that tags still on. Look for those!

Don’t have any thrift stores near you? You can shop online at Thred Up (save $10 with that link) or Poshmark.

The entire outfits you see above were found at my neighborhood Goodwill during a brief shopping trip. I’m certain you could find amazing pieces if you’er patient and get creative!

Happy shopping, babes!

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