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The Perks of a Prepayment Plan

I love free stuff. Who doesn't? I also love giving free stuff away, and as I was reworking some of my studio policies, I saw the perfect opportunity to do so. When you book a boudoir session, you can prepay for your art and score a bunch of bonus perks! Free stuff is awesome, but the perks of a prepayment plan don't end there. Let's break down all the reasons why prepaying for your boudoir art is the way to go.

The Freebies

You have the option of prepaying a set amount before your session, and each tier level comes with different freebies.

$1300 - one perk

$1500 - two perks

$2500 - three perks

$3000 - four perks

So what are those freebie perks, you ask? Great question! You can choose from any of these perks - you just can't choose multiples of the same perk.

  • Angel Wing Add On

  • Additional Outfit

  • 2 Headshots

  • 10 Snapshots

  • Luxury Album Cover Upgrade

  • 5x7 Ice Block

  • 8x10 Wall Art

  • Complimentary session fee towards Outdoor or Couples Session within 12 months

Personally, I think adding to your wardrobe choices with either the angel wings or the additional outfit is the way to go, along with the luxury cover upgrade. I love variety and personalization, and those options do just that. You'll get more variety during your session with more outfits, and your art will have that extra personal touch when you choose an album cover that suits your style. All the options are awesome, though! You can't make a bad choice!

Less Decisions During Your Reveal

Believe it or not, the reveal session is harder than the shoot! You're going to end up loving more images than you think, and trying to decide which images to keep and which ones to part with is tricky. When you prepay, the decision of "what should I get" is already done. The day of your shoot, there's no worrying about what to order or how much money you'll need. You get to solely focus on how bad ass your images are! If you decide you didn't prepay for enough images, you can always upgrade. This happens more often than you'd think - people underestimate how awesome they are going to look and feel!

You've Got Months to Budget

Boudoir is a big investment. Unless you've been saving, it might feel a little overwhelming to spend as much as you want all at once. With prepayment plans, you've got months to pay for your artwork! As long as you've fully prepaid two weeks prior to your session, you get your freebies. This means you can book a session for months from now and have all that time to prepay. Let's say you want a $1500 collection and you book your session for six months from now. That's only $250 a month, which is far easier to budget for!

Ready to book your session and prepayment plan? Let's set up your phone consultation and plan your boudoir shoot. I can't wait to see you in the studio!

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