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Two Spooky Babes Looking for a Spooky Good Time

What happens when you mix two best friends, Hocus Pocus, candy and black lingerie? A SPOOKY GOOD TIME! When I styled this session, I had a story in my head of two friends who had just finished their trick-or-treating. When I've got a bag full of candy, I want to put on my favorite Halloween movie, pour myself a big glass of wine, and enjoy my haul. These two best friends were totally on board with my trick or treat idea and had no problem throwing on skeleton tee shirts and underwear before watching the Sanderson Sisters torment a few kids.

What's your favorite way to spend Halloween? We're all about treats here - no tricks.

Best friend booties - what could be better?

Get a best friend who looks at you the way Babe G looks at Babe B.

Loving this post? I've got another one right HERE I think you'll dig.

If you're intimidated by boudoir, bringing a friend or scheduling a duel shoot might be exactly what you need to calm those nerves! Halloween can be scary. Boudoir shouldn't be.

Want to book a spooky session or a photo shoot with your best friend? Let's start the party!

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