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What if I Don't Like All My Photos?

"What if I don't like every photo from my session?"

You probably won't. That's ok. Believing you have to love every photo from your portrait experience is setting yourself up for failure, but you didn't fail. You did the session! That's already a HUGE win, so whether you love 10, 20 or all the photos from your session, you've succeeded.

You're not hurting my feelings by disliking a photo. You're also not going to let your inner critic win, so if you come across a photo that isn't doing it for you, no worries. We conserve our energy and put it towards what we love instead of tearing ourselves down like our inner critic wants. If you need help being coached through negative self-talk, I got you. You're going to practice self love, but there's the keyword: practice. You won't do it perfectly.

What you're going to leave my studio with are intimate portraits that honor the body you have. You're leaving with a physical representation of the joy, sensuality and power you're capable of feeling in your body. The number of photos doesn't matter. The bolt of body liberation lightning you get from looking at your photos is what matters. Remember, boudoir photography is not just about the photos - it's about the transformative experience and the newfound confidence and self-love that comes with it!

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